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Whaleflo Food Truck Plumbing Water System Sep 26,2021

Fresh Water System

Some food trucks have their water tanks hung high up a ceiling or wall allowing gravity to deliver water directly to the faucet. While this is not a bad way to deliver fresh water, you made need to always check your local health department to make sure you have your plumbing installed in accordance with the existing rules.

In the same way, food trucks can also have fresh water delivered to the faucet from the water tank via a pump. Most times, pumps such as this work on demand. Water is pumped only when the valve on the faucet is opened. These pumps are powered by electricity so their wattage must fall within a range your generator can work with.

Here I would like to recommend Whaleflo 110V &230V AC diaphragm pressure water pump,our pump is equipped with a Honeywell Micro Pressure Switch which makes the pump life span better than the market one. Quality whaleflo AC 17liter per minutes self-priming diaphragm pump is widely used in coffee carts and food trucks.

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